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The Experiences, Challenges and People We've Encountered Have Brought Us Here
The Crisp Law Firm, PLLC has been providing businesses and business owners throughout New Hampshire with much more than legal representation. While you are adept at running your business, the details, complexities, and nuances of the law make it advantageous to have knowledgeable legal counsel. An ally with experience in commercial law can help to mitigate legal disputes and assist in the legal affairs of your business. This strategic investment helps to keep you out of the courtroom and focused on success.

Legal Counsel Works Better as Prevention Than a Cure

Correcting, unwinding or minimizing the consequences of commitments and obligations made before experienced legal advice is obtained is costly, resource demanding and frustrating. You can minimize these disadvantages by having experienced advice before and while you are deciding on undertaking new ventures, commitments and obligations. The Crisp Law Firm, PLLC has worked with many businesses and entrepreneurs for more than three decades with expansions, acquisitions, transfers, refinancing, restructuring and sales. Whether you are buying, selling or merging with an existing company, forming a new company, bringing on partners or investors, obtaining financing, buying, leasing or selling real estate we have travelled these courses many times and can provide you with the legal foresight for the smoothest possible path.

The Best Result Isn't Always Garnered in the Courtroom

When you are ready to engage legal counsel for your business, you need a partner willing to collaborate with candid integrity. At The Crisp Law Firm, PLLC, we approach the challenge of litigation confidently, but take even greater pride in developing effective strategies to keep you out of, or limit your time in the courtroom.

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